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I occasionally arrive at a point where I reach for a concept and draw a blank instead. I have been feeling that way for a while. Perhaps I am tired or struggling with mild depression or simply feeling uncreative and unable to express myself.  Whatever the case, it includes my thoughts about TLE.

That said, I decided that someone else could express my feeling better today. Maybe not in the future but today, definitely.

Before I add the link to this truly great TED Talk, I want to explain something that I feel is fundamental: I don’t want to use the space I have to express extreme anger or disgust. We all have it and we all know the source of our own anger, whether it’s the relative who just doesn’t believe it or in believing doesn’t get it; the doctor that doesn’t listen or actively harms us; the strangers that in knowing, chip away at our dignity or self-esteem.

Like I said, we all have anger and we all know its source. Social media is full of this anger and the reasons for it. And while this is providing a service on some level, I chose to believe that what I have to say to the people that read this, and to whom I am grateful for giving me a voice, need to be somewhat positive. Without the will to find positive outlooks to my issues, I would not have made it to a healthier place. If I had believed all the negative things doctors or well-meaning laymen told me, I might not have had the courage to make my own decisions, I might not have survived.

Sitawa Wafula expresses some of these thoughts in an elegant and insightful way. So, for today she is my voice, my thoughts and some of my experiences. I hope you find a connection as well.