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Several people have contacted me about options for dealing with fluorescent lights. I am trying these out now. Here are the two Web sites that carry glasses that are supposed to provide a measure of protection.

The first one, TheraSpecs specializes in glasses that protect the wearer from the sun and other forms of light, including fluorescent and computer screens. They are aimed at people with migraines. I think all of us with TLE have migraines, but the concept that the migraines are related to seizures made me think these glasses might help. I will report on their success.

The second Web site features Zeiss Z1 F133 protective lenses. It’s a filtering lens, made by Zeiss in Germany that’s supposed to block 80 percent of light. (F133 is the particular shade of blue found to be most effective for photosensitive patients in clinical trials, according to Zeiss).

These lenses are supposed to prevent seizures. They are expensive. And, they are not easy to get. You can’t just go to the Zeis Web site and order them. Here’s a link to a blog (http://videogameseizures.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/life-with-zeiss-z1-f133-protective-lenses) that has specific instructions about who to contact. It also has responses from others using them. And yes, I plan to get these, too. This blog, by the way, also has very good information about seizures related to video games.

Finally, I discovered an unexpected benefit to the Botox injections I get for my migraines. It appears as if they give me more time under fluorescents. For the last couple of years I had decreased the number of times I went in for injections because of the out-of-pocket costs (We just found out that our insurance carrier will cover them for migraines if my doctor provides the necessary documentation!).

While many aspects of my seizures have improved lately because of my GARD diet and yoga, the photosensitivity has gotten worse. After the injections the other day, I noticed I felt better. My bones still turn to mush and I still feel out of control, but it took longer, giving me time to escape. A few minutes is vital when you have to run into the clinic for a flu shot. There is absolutely no information that I could find proving this, it is simply my personal experience.